Our Work

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW


More than 353,000 people live with dementia in Australia – and the growth projections are truly frightening. Dementia not only robs a person of their memories, it devastates their families and loved ones.

The Challenge

To make dementia (and Alzheimer’s) a more understood disease, encourage people to realise the pain and anguish that dementia causes, and ask people to support Alzheimer’s Australia NSW dementia services.

The Insight

There are many aspects of dementia that are not well known, and contradict the familiar myths about who is affected. The cause feels irrelevant to most Australians, and we know that people read and engage with what interests them. We believed we needed to make dementia interesting.

The Solution

We created a mail pack to recruit new supporters, that included a fun, challenging and of course, interesting puzzle book. It was infused with messaging about dementia in Australia; included an MRI scan showing the difference between a ‘normal’ brain and a dementia-affected brain; and, of course provided the means to start supporting the cause.

What made it Marlin?

We reached out to our client with a prototype for a relevant, cause-related premium – and encouraged them to run with our idea. When they did, it outperformed all other acquisition packs, and kick-started the charity’s awareness of how to make their cause appealing to prospective supporters using the category of puzzles and brain exercises.


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