Our Work

Australian Red Cross

Reactivation Mirror Pack

Australian Red Cross helps people in need here in Australia and around the world. Marlin was asked to create a reactivation pack to encourage lapsed donors to support Australian Red Cross once more.

The Challenge

To re-engage and rebuild trust with lapsed supporters.

The Insight

We needed to show lapsed supporters that they’re still a vital and respected part of Red Cross. It was important to communicate that their past support truly made a difference to people’s lives, and every new gift will help another person who would otherwise suffer alone.

The Solution

Our pack reminded lapsed supporters why they donated to Red Cross in the first place; why it matters; and, why they should continue. Our mirror card truly made it all about them.

What made it Marlin?

The tone was inclusive, sincere, and inviting. We never made lapsed donors feel guilty, but inspired them to be once again be their best selves and contribute to a meaningful and important charity.


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