Our Work

Children’s Medical Research Institute

Bequest Program

Children’s Medical Research Centre (CMRI) is home to some of the best and brightest researchers in the world. These dedicated scientists are striving to find the best treatments, cures and preventions for childhood diseases– including cancer. Marlin was asked to create a brochure that would inspire people to leave a bequest to CMRI.

The Challenge

To touch people’s hearts and inspire them to act. A bequest is a gift that’s given once – it is likely to be the most generous donation someone will ever make.

The Insight

When a person leaves a bequest, they are making a statement. They’re saying ‘This is what I believe in.’ Unlike most CMRI communications, we decided the focus for this brochure shouldn’t be science, it should be people’s core values.

The Solution

We wanted to show prospective bequestors how CMRI’s research can help to protect future generations of their family against childhood disease – and potential heartbreak. Love between family members lasts beyond a lifetime – protecting the ones you love is the most powerful legacy you can leave.

What made it Marlin?

We told true stories with genuine sensitivity. Only a deeply emotional, truly authentic story will move someone to make a character-defining donation.


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