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Médecins Sans Frontières

The Pulse

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has almost 110,000 ‘Field Partners’. These incredibly valuable regular givers want to know where, how and what their donations and regular support achieves.

The Challenge

Marlin were creating a publication with higher readership than most specialist magazines. We’d been working with MSF’s donor newsletters for almost five years, and it was time for a refresh. The refreshed newsletter had to include the same amount of content, improve the design, ensure higher legibility for the articles, and be developed so it would be more interesting to read.

The Insight

MSF’s donors want to know more about what MSF does, where they work, what medical-humanitarian aid gets delivered and what MSF believes. Broadly, there are two kinds of MSF supporters: those who enjoy reading the in-depth articles, and those that want to quickly skim over bite-sized bits of information. The presentation of this information would translate to a donor’s understanding, comprehension – and thus – their loyalty to MSF.

The Solution

To develop a donor magazine template that matched MSF’s incredible image library and content, and supported their editorial approach. This made ‘The Pulse’ a communication that ‘Field Partners’ looked forward to receiving.

What made it Marlin?

We worked with some of the most compelling content around – and made ‘The Pulse’ effortless to read. It is simple to update every quarter yet always highly engaging.


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