Our Work

Plan International Australia

Because I am a Girl

In the poorest regions of the world boys and girls are not treated equally. Girls are denied access to education; married as children; and suffer discrimination, exploitation and violence – simply because they are born female.

The Challenge

To drive home the inequality faced by girls, make it personal, and move people to donate to Plan International’s work for girls’ rights.

The Insight

At key moments in a child’s life what a girl experiences is much different from what a boy does. We felt that the truth should be shared.

The Solution

We called the campaign: His & Hers. Our direct and powerful message showed life as it is, and the great change that is possible. Across multiple channels including outdoor and press advertising, a rousing, empowering call to action spoke to supporters everywhere: You can change the world for girls.

What made it Marlin?

Moving emotional stories matched with staggering facts and cut-through design made this campaign highly visible. Our integrated channel approach presented individuals with the unforgettable opportunity to act through mail and online.


  • Integrated
  • Print
  • Radio