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Regular Giving Pack

WWF use many media to inspire people to become donors, but the majority of their new supporters are recruited face-to-face; that is, on the street. The Welcome Pack, which they receive after making their first donation, is an important part of their retention and communications program.

The Challenge

To ensure that new donors feel committed to continue their relationship with WWF after their first donation. This is the point of highest ‘drop-off’ for fledgling supporters.

The Insight

We all want to feel that we are making a real and tangible difference to issues that we’re passionate about. The struggles facing the natural environment are many, and may seem insurmountable, so it’s vital that the supporter sees that their personal contribution is meaningful.

The Solution

We created a Welcome Pack that was full of gratitude, admiration and recognition of the supporter. Throughout the booklet and accompanying letter, we link the donor with other champions of the environmental movement by using a simple statement ‘not on my watch.’

What made it Marlin?

Strong insight into the needs of the supporter at this very delicate stage of the relationship, allowed us to create a memorable communication. We did more than just thank the donor for their support, we created a communication that emboldened the relationship. By engaging the core values of the donor, the emotional connection to WWF is reinforced.


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