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Online donor platforms are an increasingly important part of charity fundraising. WWF wanted to create a digital ‘greeting card’ for supporters to share, which simultaneously helped the world’s wildlife. The answer was a series of fun, topical Wildcards that could be gifted, with a donation already attached.

The Challenge

To develop a new online fundraising product which captures the vital importance of WWF’s work, while being desirable enough to form a gift to a loved one.

The Insight

WWF supporters want to be able to share their passion for saving the animals of the world. They love animals, and want to be given a chance to think of them as more than victims – but as beautiful, joyful creatures.

The Solution

Develop a fun, engaging eCard that paired beautiful animal photography with relevant, fun and meaningful headlines. These Wildcards could be used to celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day’s etc… while improving the lives of the animals featured.

What made it Marlin?

Finding the right mix of fun and functionality was vital. The cards don’t gloss-over the reality of animals in need, but neither do they lose the charm necessary to be a greeting card. When you receive a Wildcard you feel good – because you are loved, and because that love changes the world.


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